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Transfer a Domain

Transfer a Domain

You may transfer a domain name in one of the following ways:

Registrar Transfer

Before beginning a registrar transfer, you must unlock the domain and obtain the authorization code (also called "EPP Code" or "Auth-Info" or "Auth-Code") from your current domain service provider.
See step by step instructions on how to obtain the EPP/authorization code and unlock a domain!

Once you submit a registrar transfer order to us, we will send the registrar transfer request to the registry.

  1. For a dot-ca domain if everything is in order, the transfer will succeed immediately and the domain will be available to be managed in your FastWebServer.ca account within 24 hours.

  2. For other extensions such as dot-com even if everything is in order, the process can take longer; up to 7 days; to complete. Please check your emails (also check your email spam/junk/bulk folder) since the current registrar should send a verification email to the email address on file for the registrant of the domain. This gives you an opportunity to expedite the process by explicitly instructing the current registrar to release the domain.

  3. You can check the status of the transfer in the dashboard under "Transfer" tab of " My Domains". If the transfer fails, you can resubmit the tranfer at no charge.

Click here to initiate a Registrar Transfer!

Registrant Transfer

To make this change, visit the "My Domains" section, click the domain name directly, and then click "Edit Domain Contact Information". Update the registrant details as needed. You can apply this update to multiple domains at once.

Please note the registrant also known as "Registered Name Holder" is the entity listed in the registrant field and is the legal "owner" of the domain name. As a FastWebServer.ca account holder, you are acting on behalf of the registrant (if different than you). You must obtain clear permission from the existing registrant prior to making such changes.

Click here to initiate a Registrant Transfer!

Other Processes such as Transfer Hosting

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