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How to transfer the registrant of a domain name?

The registrant of a domain name as listed in the WHOIS database is considered to be the 'Legal Holder' of that domain. As per the registrant agreement, correct and complete contact information must be provided at the time of registration and kept updated thereafter.

Our registrants may use the free Whois privacy service to protect their privacy by masking the sensitive contact information in the public WHOIS database.

CIRA, the registry and overseeing body for .ca domains, does reserve the right to revoke a .ca domain in particular cases such as when false contact information is given and not corrected.

When buying a business, always be sure to include any domains belonging to the business specifically in your agreement to ensure they are covered in the contract. You should make sure the domain move into your account for management purposes and you update the domain(s) to reflect the new registrant information as soon as possible (a registrant transfer process).

We provide a free system of moving domains between accounts. The account that holds the domain just needs the login information of the gaining account in order to move the domain. If you do not want to give that information over to the old domain holder, all you need to do is set up a third party account. You will then be able to move it from the third party account into your account after the first move has been completed. We recommend you lock the domain name to automatically reject unwanted transfers to other registrars as part of a domain hijacking attempt.

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